Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fall From a Height and Land on Your Feet

It's become abundantly clear that I simply must obtain the box set by the group Orange Juice, and listen to it on repeat until I have absorbed all their songs. The wit of the lyrics, the joy of the melodies and harmonies, and the welcoming warble of Edwyn Collins's voice all add up to a marvelous pop music confection.

In the interim, consider the following: firstly, Can't Help Myself from the album Rip it Up.

On something of a tangent, have a listen to Fall From a Height by the Swedish pop maestros The Honeydrips, paying attention to the lyrics, compared to the opening line of Can't Help Myself.

Finally, set aside a bit of time to watch this documentary about Orange Juice singer Edwyn Collins, and his return to music after suffering from a severe stroke.

(playlist version of the above documentary in case that one has problems.