Thursday, December 05, 2013

Albums from 2013 I most enjoyed listening to

In no particular order...

Crimson Red - Prefab Sprout
Maybe it's not an objective choice, and maybe you have to be a Sprout fan from back in the day. But Paddy Macaloon has been to hell and back and still comes out with a album filled with joy. When he sings it I feel like I've been holding his hand down there in the flames. I'll take his advice and also sing,  like I'm Francis Hoboken.

Immunity - Jon Hopkins
Somehow the "endorsed by Brian Eno" label has become a curse. That's Bono's and Coldfuckingplay's fault. But however gentle and accessible this music is, it's still the best music.

Plays Bee Mask - Donato Dozzy
Rain and arpeggios, reinventing taking  an icy electronic piece (which I hadn't heard) and remixing it into a rainforest.

Master - Teeth of The Sea
I can' t describe it, it's just got everything good in it.

Weird Sister - Joanna Gruesome
Maybe it's too repetitious or too derivative for some, I just liked the way it sounds so young. It also reminded me of Lush.

The Drop - Pinkunoizu
Weirdness from Denmark. It's whimsical but still subterranean. In the middle of a song they stop and the drummer yells out "smoke on the water".

mbv - My Bloody Valentine
I wasn't expecting much besides musty staleness, but it's all great.

Random Access Memories - Daft Punk
The same as what everyone else thinks.

Slow Focus - Fuck Buttons
I like it less than their last two albums, but that's not saying much.

Pearl Mystic - Hookworms
They have a sort of MC5 unhinged feeling to them, but they look really nerdy. A couple of their songs are just drones after the final chord of the previous song on the album rings off for a couple of minutes. How cool is that!?!

Muchacho - Phosphorescent 
I almost left this off because it's sort of sticky and sentimental, but ultimately, the tunes carry it. Plus the Soderburg sisters of First Aid Kit like it.

The Inheritors - James Holden
Just really inventive electronic sounds, and they're always musical. Blackpool Late 80s is such a beautiful track.

Shaking the Habitual - The Knife
If you're a fanboy of their peerless techno pop, you might be put off by the long spells of experimental weirdness. But they are actually geniuses at experimental weirdness too, so open you  minds, fanboys and girls, this is up there with the best.

Cupid's Head -  The Field
The hypnotic beauty of From Here We Go Sublime is still there. It's very drug-like

This will be amended at will if I hear something else or change my mind over the next month or so. I haven't quite got around to listening to Arcade Fire, White Denim or Toy yet.

2014 ADDITION: The Field, Factory Floor and Daniel Avery all deserve honourable mentions. White Denim IS proving to be up to scratch, too.